AustCyber – Australia’s Digital Trust Report

Australia’s digital infrastructure and the data it carries are core to the value and growth of the nation’s economy. The growing economic dependency on the digital domain has an intrinsic relationship with the trust users and consumers have in it and therefore the security, privacy and resilience of the infrastructure and data.

Australia’s Digital Trust Report 2020 highlights the role of‘ digital trust’ plays in attracting investment and driving jobs growth. It draws on data modelled by Synergy’s Advanced Modelling Group to quantify the value of the digital activity to the Australian economy and model the impact of a major cybersecurity incident creating a digital interruption to the Australian economy.

Together with AustCyber’s other key advisories on cybersecurity sector growth in Australia – Australia’s Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan and the Australian Cyber Security Industry Roadmap – this report demonstrates the role that cybersecurity plays as a ‘horizontal sector’ in enabling growth opportunities across other sectors of the economy.

The timing of the release of this report is both critical and deliberate. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a rapid move to remote working and education, a renewed focus on online business delivery and fast adaptation of supply chains using digital technologies. Originally posted at –

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