Disaster Recovery

Your backup, your disaster recovery system, and business continuity platform.

Vectra can assist with the design and implementation of your daily backup schedule a well as document your companies Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) The DRP lists the steps involved in recovering your companies data and systems in the event of a fire, theft, system failure or other catastrophic event causing availability restrictions for your users.

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Dots Inserting backup drive into server rack

Your on-premise systems are efficiently backed up and copied directly to your local out-of-band DR appliance. This appliance is a powerful storage, compute and memory, all-in-one staging server. Your VM replicas (images) are stored on this appliance. In the event of a hardware failure, theft, flood or other disaster that takes your systems offline, your DR appliance becomes your life line. The Vectra Complete Disaster Recovery Appliance can run your VM infrastructure on the KVM hyper-visor operating on the appliance. With just a few clicks using the integrated dashboard, your systems can be back up and running, serving your users.

What if your Internet was down, or the building was on fire!? Your entire infrastructure is down, and not accessbile. Our partner cloud now becomes your life line again. The same featues as you enjoy on your local appliance, are available in your secure cloud environment. Located on Australian soil, in Equinix’s data centre Sydney, the cloud service will now host your VM infrastructure.

For complete peace of mind, you have the ability to test your DR every quarter!

This is an important task that you should perform at least once. In the event of a DR event, you will have a documented process of VM boot order, IP addressing, network procedures, and so on.

Our support team will use this test restore to assist you in getting your systems back online. Once your DR event has passed, you can now replicate back to you appliance, and restore to your local infrastructure.

Vectra CDR Status Dashboard

Vectra CDR Backup & Replication Process