ISO27001 Compliance & Audits

Trust Vectra to implement, certify, and manage the ISO 27001 standard for your organisation.

We will ensure you are meeting compliance requirements. ISO 27001 is the international standard that lays out the specifications for implementing an ISMS (Information Security Management System)

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ISO 27001 Compliance

As a global standard, ISO 27001 outlines how to securely implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS). This framework is based on ensuring security threats to data are found and managed.

ISO 27001 ensures an organisations data is protected, no matter what digital format it’s in.

Compliance will also help your organisation be more resistant to cyberattacks or future threats.

Certification can be given once the ISO 27001’s requirements are met and an audit is complete.


The ISO 27001 acts as a framework for an organisation’s ISMS. It guides how people, policies and processes should interact to ensure data is used and shared securely. As a global standard, there are strict requirements to follow.

System Clauses

Within the ISO 27001 standards, there are 10 management system clauses outlined.

  • Clause 1: Scope
  • Clause 2: Normative references
  • Clause 3: Terms and definitions
  • Clause 4: Context
  • Clause 5: Leadership
  • Clause 6: Planning and risk management
  • Clause 7: Support
  • Clause 8: Operations
  • Clause 9: Performance evaluation
  • Clause 10: Improvement


As an addition to Clause 6, Annex A lists 114 controls that influence how organisations should conduct risk management.
These are outlined below:

  • Information security policies (2 controls)
  • Organisation of information security (7 controls)
  • Human resource security – (6 controls)
  • Asset management (10 controls)
  • Access control (14 controls)
  • Cryptography (2 controls)
  • Physical and environmental security (15 controls)
  • Operations security (14 controls)
  • Communications security (7 controls)
  • System acquisition, development and maintenance (13 controls)
  • Supplier relationships (5 controls)
  • Information security incident management (7 controls)
  • Information security aspects of business continuity management (4 controls)
  • Compliance (8 controls)

Compliance Certification

Achieving ISO 27001 compliance is a sign you take data security seriously.

ISO 27001 certification is typically a multi-year process. It also requires involvement from a range of stakeholders. Rest assured, your Vectra Security Consultant can assist you in navigating through the process.

As a proud Australian based organisation, Vectra conducts its ISO 27001 consulting services through Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane.

With a Vectra team behind you, your organisation will achieve compliance.


To remain certified, organisations will need to maintain the ISO 27001 standards and be subject to regular audits. Certifications are valid for three years.

As cyber security is a changing environment, Vectra will ensure your ISMS continues to meet the ISO 27001 requirements. Vectra’s experts will conduct an ISO 27001 audit to check the systems you have in place. Through this audit, we will undergo an ISO 27001 assessment to ensure your company is meeting the requirements.

Once Vectra is on board, we can help you with the whole ISO 27001 certification process.

How Vectra can help you with ISO 27001

Vectra is an industry leader in cyber security. Our team of professionals are highly trained and skilled in all your security needs. Our ISO 27001 services will ensure your business goes through the process to compliance.

We have ten step process of success, as outlined below:

  1. Prepare – Provide you with information about ISO27001
  2. Establish Scope – Identify objectives and methodology
  3. Establish Management Framework – Set processes for your needs in order to meet ISO 27001
  4. Conduct a risk assessment – Assist in establishing the baseline security criteria, and conduct the risk assessment
  5. Implement Controls – Help decide whether to treat, tolerate, terminate, or transfer the risks
  6. Provide Training – Provide staff training to raise awareness about information security
  7. Review & Update Documentation – Update ISMS processes, policies, and procedures
  8. Measure, Monitor & Review – Support a process of continual improvement
  9. Conduct Internal Audit – Conduct your initial and ongoing internal audits
  10. Registration – After our assessment we will provide feedback, assist going through a ISO 27001 remediation process (if required), and look into preparation for further audit work