Vectra is a Cyber Security solutions and services provider that helps business fight cyber crime, protect data and reduce security risk. We understand the challenges faced by businesses to reduce risks in the face of ongoing cyber security threats.

Organisations are questioning their cyber security posture. Are we secure? What are our risks? What would we do if we were breached? How resilient are we in the event of an attack?

Vectra takes a business-focused approach identifying the risks that threaten an organisation by implementing strategies and solutions to combat cyber security threats.

Vectra’s cloud based offerings, professional security services and integrated technologies help organisations manage compliance, protect data and reduce security risks. By engaging our team of security professionals your organisation will fortify its cyber defences, improving your ability to detect and respond to emerging threats.

Vectra’s technical team can design, implement and manage your on-premise and cloud based environments improving your organisational agility whilst safeguarding your cyber security posture.

Chances are that whenever you fly, drive, shop, use your mobile phone, go to a restaurant, insure your business, pay your rates and taxes or make an online payment you’re dealing with one of our clients.

Vectra, your Cyber Security Partner.