Healthcare Sensitive Data Risk Assessment

Understand your risk exposure and how you can mitigate and manage it more effectively
Australian Cyber Crime in The Healthcare Sector

84% increase in reported cyber incidents between 2020 and 2021

85 reported data breaches in just the first half of 2021

5 ransomware attacks in 2021

7 major regional hospitals simultaneously locked down by
a ransomware attack in 2019

15,000 patient files impacted by a ransomware attack for
almost 3 weeks until the ransom was paid

AUD 900,000 cost of a ransomware attack

Book a FREE Healthcare Sensitive Data Risk Assessment
Free Healthcare Sensitive Data Risk Assessment

In today’s virtual business environment, managing sensitive data is a challenge. Data resides everywhere, on business systems, 
on personal devices, in the cloud, and with third parties. Keeping track of it can be challenging.

The Healthcare Sensitive Data Risk Assessment will allow you to:

Discover how to find all of your organisation’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) no matter where it resides

Comply with all applicable data legislation and security standards, including the Privacy Act and other relevant regulations.
Get accurate insights into where your organisation’s most valuable asset – its data – really resides.

Is your patients’ confidential health and personal information or your critical business and financial data at
risk? Take advantage of a free Healthcare Sensitive Data Risk Assessment to better understand your risk
exposure and find out what you can do to mitigate and manage it more effectively.

Believe it’s a waste of time?

The Risk Assessment will take only 2 hours of your team’s time. That’s many fewer hours than they’d spent dealing with a data leak.

Think it’s a waste of money?
The Risk Assessment is complimentary so at no cost to you AND it can save your organisation a lot of money in the future when you avoid costly data breaches and ransomware attacks.
Are not sure you need it?
Every organisation that collects, stores, processes or manages personal information needs to stay on top of potential risks, especially those dealing with sensitive patient data like healthcare providers.
Feel it’s unnecessary because
you already have some
processes in place?
The Risk Assessment is the perfect way to evaluate what’s already working well, what isn’t, and what requires modifications.
Believe it’s redundant because you already have an IT provider?
IT providers are a lot like doctors: we specialise in different things. Vectra’s specialty is cyber security and risk management. So even if you already have an IT provider, sometimes it’s still a good idea to get a second opinion.
Don’t know if the Risk
Assessment is trustworthy?
We hold world-renowned security certifications and are trusted by Australian clients from the private sector as well as government at the federal, state and local levels.