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Vulnerability Management & Assessment

With a dedicated service desk that operates our platform, we can assist in lowering your risk.

Vectra’s managed vulnerability service scans your environment to identify security weaknesses known as vulnerabilities, which can expose you to unauthorised access to your internal systems and internet facing assets.

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Vectra provide managed vulnerability assessment and remediation advisory services aligned with various security frameworks. Regular vulnerability scanning is recommended as an essential security practice or to meet operational compliance where required. These services are provided via a combination of automated and manual security solutions, lead by industry experienced security consultants of the Vectra team. Such offerings can be suitable for small scale organisations as well as large enterprise entities, who may require a more structured approach to mitigating specific cyber risks.

Vulnerability Scanning Portal

Our vulnerability assessment tools help you stay on top of dynamic or new IP addresses by adding and removing your own targets through your Perimeter Scan Portal. And, to further simplify the process, you can mass upload scan targets and groups. For an organisation with a high volume of scan targets, keeping port scans organised can be a challenge. Our vulnerability assessment tools allow you to group and label scan targets to make it easier to manage by location, network type, or unique circumstances at your organisation.

Assessment Report and Remediation

Detailed reports provided as part of our managed vulnerability assessment services give you an overview of any vulnerabilities identified, provide a risk rating together with remediation advice on how these vulnerabilities can be addressed.

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