The education sector has redefined the way students learn with digital tools. Reliable WiFi networks are a must when delivering online curriculums, learning assessments, and educational content among students and teachers. Many mobile devices have integrated into the student’s learning process. Schools need a WiFi network that can handle a high density of devices with speed and reliability. Schools of all types face unique challenges ensuring secure wireless connectivity for a wide range of device and user types. Faced with limited IT staff and new students each term, schools need a way to enable self-service onboarding that can recognise distinct policies for students, devices and for IT-owned vs BYOD devices.

The Vectra Education Team understand that every school is different. Each school has their own requirements in terms of wired and wireless networks. Some schools may have a couple of large building or many smaller ones scattered around the grounds. Our team of skilled engineers have the capabilities to audit your environment and gain a strong knowledge of how your network is linked together in a matter of minutes.

Whether it be a small wireless upgrade to an entire network refresh or update, Vectra has the tools to get you there!