Silent Multi-Factor Authentication

Haventec Silent MFA provides high assurance multi-factor authentication without USB keys, QR codes, one-time PINs, authenticator apps, SMS or friction.

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Introducing Silent Multi-factor Authentication

Conventional MFA approaches create usability issues, leading to new types of threats and slowing down business.

Haventec Silent MFA, powered by advanced cryptography, is designed to eliminate conventional MFA pain points so you can confidently secure your organisation.

Seamless, powerful and cost-effective multi-factor authentication for customers and employees.

Maintain your current authentication experience

Users simply enter their username and password (just as they do now), and Haventec Silent MFA takes place in the background. No need to switch devices or applications for secure authentication.

Streamline MFA onboarding

Avoid the pain of change management, user education and support calls. With Haventec Silent MFA, you can silently onboard users or reverify them through a one-time activation process.

Achieve more with less

With the cost of fraud and cyber insurance on the rise, and the complication and operational cost of change management, Haventec Silent MFA will save your organisation time, effort and money.

Leverage a cost effective alternative to conventional MFA
Get Silent MFA up and running without setup fees and leverage flexible pricing and a cost effective alternative to conventional MFA methods such as SMS, security keys and authenticator apps.


  • Integrates with your current identity solution

  • Works with any device or operating system

  • Mitigates phishing, credential stuffing & SIM swapping risks

  • Cryptographically validated

Innovative features that enable seamless and secure authentication


Device and operating system agnostic


Haventec Silent MFA works on any device and with any operating system enabling you to protect every user and every transaction.

Invisible to the user

Enable Silent MFA for every customer and employee without disruption to enhance your security posture and meet compliance requirements.

Silent MFA is invisible to the user and powered by advanced cryptography to provide an always-on mitigation against credential theft, account takeover and fraud.

Standards-based integration

Make the most out of your existing identity infrastructure by integrating Silent MFA with leading solutions from Microsoft, Auth0, OKT A, Ping Identity and ForgeRock. Standards-based integration includes SAML, FIDO2 and OpenlD Connect.

How Haventec Silent MFA works

Something You Know
Something You Have
Something The Enterprise Holds

Once a username and password are authenticated, a rolling AUTH key and the device signature are used to create a rolling private key that is matched against a rolling public key to complete a seamless and silent multi-factor authentication on every login.

Haventec Silent MFA delivers the benefits of seamless and high assurance authentication without creating friction or slowing down business.