Velocity Managed Services

Comprehensive IT Managed Services for your organisation

Our Velocity Managed Services help you identify and mitigate threats before they affect your business. Rest easy knowing our team of highly accredited professionals are monitoring your network 24/7, an essential layer of protection for the modern-day company.

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What is Velocity Managed Services?

Vectra Velocity Managed Services. A complete IT outsourced support service that is a seamless extension of your businesses technology support function with the flexibility of a no lock-in contract.

Vectra provides IT managed services across Australia, and specifically in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane.

We are your IT support team. We are your Network support team. We are protecting your environment 24/7. We care about IT, leaving you to care about your business.

We offer unlimited service under fixed priced servicing agreements, to meet the financial goals of your IT budget. Predictable expenditure, fast service, and appropriately skilled engineers to enable us to deliver a Service Level Agreement that we can uphold.

Our local Service Desk is located at our head office, in Adelaide South Australia. The standard hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 6:00pm with optional extended support available on request.

Core functions of our service platform include:

  • IT Asset Management (Discovery, Software and License Audits, Security and Compliance)
  • Performance Monitoring (Network and Server Uptime, Visibility and Performance)
  • Service Desk
  • Onsite and Remote Desktop Support
  • Daily Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management
  • Windows Patch and Upgrade Management (Automatic and Recurring Patch Scans, Agent and Patch Deployment)
  • Business System Review & Maintenance – weekly scheduled scans of hardware and systems including proactive maintenance on Windows to ensure operating efficiency.
  • Monthly IT Management Reporting
  • Quarterly On-site Management Meetings

Why Velocity Managed Services?

Velocity enables operational and increased productivity through IT automation. This automation enables a pro-active approach to improved operations and customer satisfaction.

From Software Inventory to Remote Desktop Management, Velocity provides the tools, technology and resources to make remote IT automation possible.

Through agent procedures, Velocity provides pro-active service delivery capabilities that result in increased productivity, consistent service levels, expanded service capabilities, cost reduction and more. The system allows Vectra to be pro-active with our clients, detecting critical issues before they become costly.

About Velocity Managed Services

Velocity provides all of the benefits of an internal IT department for a monthly fee, tailored to your business. Our team have grown up with the IT industry, giving us a strong background in managed services and supporting organisations of all sizes.

We have provided reliable solutions to clients with not only offsite backup and 24/7 monitoring but also securing your network, keeping your business safe.

24/7 Performance Monitoring

Sleep easy knowing that Vectra’s VMS solution ensures all of your critical network devices remain secure, healthy and reliable. Keeping an eye on your systems while you sleep is just the start of it. Having a monitored service means that if you experience a critical error or system failure, the Vectra VMS will alert you to any issues to ensure your system down time is minimised.

Data Backup Management

Managing your backup solution ensures the backup of your important corporate data occurs as scheduled and without error, protecting your organisation from data loss or damage. Velocity can offer an alternate backup appliance solution within your environment including replication to Vectra’s Secure Data Centre thanks to our Backup and Disaster Recovery Repository.


Velocity provides a new class of IT security that delivers added value by providing deployment and configuration, monitoring, updates and reporting services across your endpoints. The security service features integrated anti-virus, client-side anti-spam, anti-malware, personal firewall and host intrusion prevention for Windows desktops, laptops and servers. We ensure patches and anti-virus updates for your PCs have been installed, reducing the likelihood of your network being compromised.

Prioritised Vulnerability Management

Add to this service, Vectra’s proactive vulnerability management for complete peace of mind.

The number of vulnerabilities has nearly doubled in the past two years. But the number of vulnerabilities being exploited is only a small fraction of the total.

IT security systems are a complex network of devices that can often have weaknesses that attackers can exploit. To ensure all assets are protected, it is important to undergo a process of scanning for current weaknesses in the system.

Scans will detect and then prioritise any vulnerabilities in your IT security system. This includes computers, servers and other communications equipment either on-premise or in the cloud.

There are two ways of detecting weaknesses:

  1. Authenticated scans – tests internal security measures to see who has access to different elements of your systems. This can be based on whether it’s staff or those who have gained access through illegal means.
  2. Unauthenticated scans – this is essentially an ethical hack. The aim to be a hacker and attempt to find and exploit any weaknesses in your current security system.

Ongoing maintenance of your security systems is important as weakness can emerge when an operating system or software is updated.

Vulnerability scanning on a regular basis is recommended as an essential security practice or to meet operational compliance where required.