Secure Backup Replication

Offsite replication of your primary backup to a secure backup repository

With support for the latest in backup and replication from Barracuda, Veeam, Datto and Zerto, you can rest assured that your data is being replicated to an offsite data centre location to meet your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

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Dots Inserting backup drive into server rack

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise you should always be ready for the unexpected. Recover quickly after an accidental file deletion, hardware failure or any other unforeseen event with one of our managed backup services. Take protective measures now to ensure your data is safe.

Save Time & Money

Easily create, schedule, and manage file-level backups with Vectra’s Managed Backup Service. Because it’s integrated with Cloud Servers on our high-capacity network, protecting files and restoring backups takes just minutes.

Block-level compression and deduplication reduce storage costs by up to 20x compared to uncompressed backups. After your first backup, additional backups are incremental to lower your total costs.

Fully Managed Off-site Backup

  • Remote backup stored in a secure off-site datacentre for quick recovery
  • Off-site server fully managed and monitored
  • Data protection through redundant storage at multiple physical locations
  • Stored in a highly scalable storage infrastructure with the ability to expand space as needed
  • Completely automatic, set your off-site backup and forget about it
  • We can schedule your backups to run nightly, weekly or monthly to meet your needs
  • This solution will replicate your on-site server backup and send a copy to a durable off-site datacentre

Cloud Backup

  • Backup captures the full state of Cloud server within one backup server set
  • Full backups are performed weekly
  • Server configurations are retained within the backup file
  • Backed up in our Adelaide Secure Datacentre
  • Quickest backup recovery solution available
  • This solution is great for servers that do not see a lot of change, so there is not the need to constantly backup