Phishing Penetration Testing

Don't be caught unaware by a phishing attack against your system.

With our advanced approach to cyber security, Vectra will safeguard your sensitive information.

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What is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack whereby people are tricked into compromising sensitive information. It is an old style of hacking but businesses are still being exploited in this way.

Style 1 – Stealing Money
These type of emails often pretend to be respected businesses or other companies you are working with. In order to take personal information, a fake website will usually sit alongside their email.

Emails and websites of this sort will usually ask for personal bank details (i.e. bank account numbers) in order to steal money.

Style 2 – Unleashing a virus
Phishing emails can also come with attachments than when opened will spread a virus through the computer and its associated network. From here, hackers can access much of your organisation’s sensitive information.

Phishing Penetration Testing

Across Australia, businesses of all sizes have trusted Vectra with their phishing pen testing. We help set benchmarks for businesses to ensure their employees all play a part in company security.

At the centre, our testing simulates attacks against business employees to see who is vulnerable. We run a variety of scams in email form to track which employee is susceptible to providing business or personal information to hackers.

Our phishing messages are similar to the ones that real hackers use to take advantage of human vulnerabilities.

Benefits of Phishing Testing

Vectra provides an independent service of your business to assess where it may be open to phishing strategies.

Once we have completed our testing we will provide a comprehensive report including a remediation process.

When undergoing a penetration test for your business, you’ll receive a range of benefits. Including:

  • Identifying where your company is vulnerable and stop threats before they can happen
  • Learning the impact of phishing
  • Testing your log management tools to ensure they can handle phishing attempts appropriately
  • Improving company security through by all employees undergoing training to prevent further security breaches

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