Mobile Penetration Testing

Identify your security gaps with Vectra's advanced Mobile Penetration tools.

At Vectra, we identify any current weaknesses to ensure a security solution is found before hackers can attack.

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How A Mobile Penetration Test Occurs?

Mobile application pen testing checks the security of systems in order to prevent any unauthorised access to sensitive information. In doing this, Vectra does an ethical ‘hack’ on your current mobile application to test for any weaknesses. This includes checking code execution, source code, data leaks and information exchange loopholes.

As industry leaders, Vectra has developed a 6 step approach to wireless pen testing.

  1.  Information Gathering – collecting data to prepare a security attack
  2.  Threat Modelling – designing ways to test the weaknesses
  3.  Vulnerability Analysis – defining the possible points of entry
  4.  Exploitation – attempting to gain sensitive data
  5.  Post Exploitation – evaluating the level of risk based on known weaknesses
  6.  Reporting – providing a detailed report of strategies to improve your security

With mobile applications built for a range of operating systems, you can rest assured Vectra will test them all including Android, Windows, and iOS.


Security Solutions

It is important a risk management protocol is in place to ensure there is a solution for any weaknesses. This allows for Vectra to scale any security flaws in order of importance based on a risk assessment.

Once a pen test has occurred, Vectra will provide a comprehensive report of the test performed against your system along with solutions to fix any weaknesses.

Vectra is here to ensure your mobile application software along with your business and customer data is protected from attacks.

Benefits of Mobile Pen Test

Once our 6 step process is complete, you can enjoy assurance that:

  • Company data and intellectual property is secure
  • You’ve met compliance requirements for PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA and HIPAA
  • Customer data is safe

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