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Managed IBM Randori ASM

Managed IBM Randori is a comprehensive managed service by Vectra powered by IBM Randori Attack Surface Management (ASM). It allows us to identify, analyse, and mitigate vulnerabilities across your digital ecosystem.

In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, safeguarding an organisation’s digital assets becomes paramount. An attack surface management solution is designed to uncover your external exposures through the lens of an adversary.

Know your attack surface before the attackers do

IBM Randori helps you achieve real-time visibility by continuously mapping your external perimeter, including shadow IT. Remove blind spots from your environment and prioritise vulnerabilities based on real-world attack scenarios and temptation scores.

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What is ASM (Attack Surface Management)

What is the attack surface and why does it need managing, you ask? In this video, Sam Hector explains just what ASM is and how it can help you respond proactively to threats and stop them before they start.

ASM & Vulnerability Management, why both?

In this video, Sam Hector explains why you need both Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Vulnerability Management to provide a truly proactive and comprehensive security strategy.

What is Attack Surface Management (ASM)?

Attack Surface Management (ASM) refers to the practices and technologies utilised by organisations to identify, assess, monitor, and secure all known and unknown assets that are visible and accessible from the internet. This encompasses everything from cloud services, web applications, and domains to network endpoints, APIs, and IoT devices. The primary goal of ASM is to reduce the organisation’s exposure to cyber threats by managing and mitigating vulnerabilities within its attack surface.

Key components of ASM include:

  • Asset Discovery: Identifying all assets across the organisation’s digital footprint, including those in the cloud, on-premises, and in remote environments. This step is crucial for understanding the full scope of the attack surface.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Analysing identified assets for weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. This involves scanning for outdated software, misconfigurations, exposed databases, and other security flaws.
  • Risk Analysis: Evaluating the potential impact and likelihood of threats to prioritise remediation efforts. This helps organisations focus on the most critical vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to their operations and data.
  • Threat Intelligence: Gathering and analysing information about emerging threats and attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). This intelligence is used to enhance the organisation’s defensive strategies and anticipate potential attacks.
  • Security Monitoring: Continuously monitoring the attack surface for changes and potential threats. This includes detecting unauthorised changes, new assets, and signs of compromise.
  • Incident Response: Preparing for and responding to security incidents to minimise damage. This involves having plans and tools in place to quickly detect, contain, and remediate breaches.

ASM is a critical component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, especially as organisations’ digital footprints expand and become more complex. By proactively managing their attack surface, enterprises can better protect themselves against cyber threats and reduce their overall risk.

What is IBM Randori Attack Surface Management?

IBM Randori is designed to ensure rapid time-to-value with no agents and an easy-to-use interface. Randori’s discovery process takes a centre-of-mass-out approach, using various parsing techniques to attribute assets connected to your organisation, thus delivering high-fidelity discovery of your attack surface. Based on the assets discovered, Randori Recon then applies risk-based prioritisation based on adversarial temptation combined with your unique business context to provide insights that facilitate action.
With greater asset visibility and useful business context, Randori feeds its findings into your desired security workflows.
Unlike many ASM products, Randori offers native bi-directional integration with other tools, including Jira, IBM Security QRadar, Qualys, Tenable and many others.
Clarify Your Cyber Risk
Make better-informed decisions by using continuous asset discovery and risk-based prioritisation to get an accurate view of your current attack surface.
Drive Program Efficiencies
Reduce the amount of time and effort your security team spends on vulnerability scanning and attack surface exposure analysis.
Streamline Operations
Eliminate data silos by using bidirectional integrations that work with your existing security stack and improve the effectiveness of your security tools.

Managed IBM Randori ASM

Our service for managing IBM Randori ASM represents a comprehensive solution for organisations looking to enhance their cybersecurity efforts. By leveraging our expertise, you can not only secure your digital environment but also align your cybersecurity practices with business objectives, ensuring resilience and compliance in an ever-evolving digital landscape.
Vectra can add significant value to a managed IBM Randori Attack Surface Management (ASM) service by offering a range of extra services and tasks that enhance the core capabilities of the ASM platform. These services are designed to ensure that an organisation’s attack surface is continuously monitored, managed, and optimised against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.
Initial Setup and Configuration
Customisation of IBM Randori ASM to align with your specific security requirements.Integration with existing IT infrastructure to ensure seamless operation and data flow.Configuration of dashboards and alerts for real-time monitoring and response.
Continuous Attack Surface Monitoring
Round-the-clock surveillance to identify and assess vulnerabilities within the digital ecosystem.Proactive identification of potential threats and attack vectors, utilising IBM Randori’s dynamic threat modeling.
Regular, detailed reporting to stakeholders on attack surface status, vulnerabilities, and remediation activities.
See you attack surface like an attacker with IBM Randori ASM