IBM Security SOAR

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Modernise your SOC, and accelerate incident response with automation, and maximize your security tools with orchestration

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What is IBM SOAR

IBM SOAR is a platform that integrates with your existing security tools, to provide automated responses, and assist with incident management. IBM SOAR, formerly known as Resilient, correlates security alerts flagged by your SIEM against threat intelligence feeds for malicious indicators, or integrates malware analysis into incidents after detonating in a sandbox.

It maximizes your security tools by integrating with them, guides your team through the incident response (IR) process with playbooks, and leverages automation to reduce repetitive tasks and allow your team to focus on the tasks that matter the most.

Threat detection is only half of the security equation. Once detected, an incident needs to be responded to in a timely and consistent manner. Many organisations are now looking at bolstering their security response mechanisms to include security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR).

This proactive approach to security threats delivers the critical elements of a successful zero trust strategy.

Vectra and IBM SOAR

Vectra is an industry leader in the management of IBM Security platforms, and with our Security Operations Centre working 24/7, we’re now working even faster, to respond to incidents.

Features of IBM SOAR

Accelerate cyber resilience, protect against security incidents and enable automation.

Some benefits of SOAR;

  • Accelerate incident response
  • Manage security operations
  • Maximize your security tools with orchestration
  • Aggregate security activity and event management
  • Collaborate with consistency with case management
  • Install and deploy integrations quickly with AppHost
  • Respond with agility and intelligence with dynamic playbooks
  • Make complex processes simple with visual workflows
  • Visualise and understand relationships across incidents
  • Inform strategic business decisions by tracking key metrics
  • Integrate Privacy use cases with your SOAR platform

MITRE ATT@CK Alignment

One of the significant benefits of a SOAR solution is automating security tasks for greater consistency and efficiency. As the MITRE ATT@CK matrix has shown, different cyberthreat tactics employ a wide range of techniques, resulting in an almost endless number of possibilities. For example, a cybercriminal might use spear phishing, a corrupted file attachment, and a link redirect in one attack and then change those tactics and techniques in another attack.

Dynamic playbooks are the cornerstone of an effective SOAR solution because cyberattacks are active entities. The tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of cybercriminals are constantly evolving to stay one step ahead of blacklists, anti-malware tools and other protective measures. SOC teams need playbooks that can pivot and change based on human intelligence and new discoveries. Remember: automation aims to empower human analysts by eliminating repetitive tasks, not replace human analysts entirely by automating every aspect of the SOC. Ultimately, security automation should be a balancing act of science and art, humans and machines, that leverages internal intelligence and threat intelligence from the broader cybersecurity community.