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Active Defence

An essential service for your security management. Certified 24x7 Security Operations Centre.

PCI DSS Certified Security as a Service, powered by industry-leading technologies from IBM Security and operated by our Cyber Security Analysts. Active Defence is a complete cyber security as a service offered to you to strengthen your companies security posture and lower overall risk.

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Vectra understands clients face cyber security challenges that range from compliance requirements to a lack of time and skills gaps. Regardless of whether the approach is risk or compliance based, building a cyber security capability in-house can be complex, expensive or hard to achieve for most organisations.

Vectra has developed a comprehensive security as a service solution we call Active Defence (Managed Security Operations Centre) We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is based on security standards and industry best practices, supported by certified skilled professionals, and backed up by one of the most advanced security intelligence platforms, IBM QRadar.

Our SOC is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Rest assured, your sensitive data is kept on local soil.

Vectra’s Active Defence service is flexible enough to protect both small and large organisations with the same enterprise solution, regardless of whether their assets are on-premise, in the cloud, or in both, at an affordable price. Your organisation will benefit from a consistent and uniform protection service, which is constantly updated to detect the latest threats. Vectra processes and expertise will help you keep your environment safe and compliant while you focus on your business.

At a high level Active Defence addresses the following: At a high level Active Defence addresses the following:

  • Insider Threats
  •  Securing the cloud
  • User Behaviour
  • Managing Risks and Vulnerabilities
  • Critical Data Protection
  • Incident Response
  • Advanced and Persistent Threats
  • Compliance

Vectra Active Defence is powered by IBM QRadar Security Intelligence, a powerful above the SIEM platform that combines a rich set of core threat detection capabilities with analytics and machine learning to provide real-time visibility of the entire IT infrastructure.

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence excels at collecting massive amounts of enterprisewide security data and using its advanced intelligence and analytics to build a prioritized list of incidents requiring immediate attention. Vectra enriches enterprise data with security intelligence feeds such as IBM X-Force, and applies IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson artificial intelligence to security incidents, to minimise detection and response.

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