Vectra Active Defence Using IBM QRadar

An enterprise service for your security management. Certified 24x7 Security Operations Centre.

Ensure your security systems are responding to threats as they happen by utilising Vectra Active Defence. With global powerhouse security software, IBM QRadar, backing us rest assured your sensitive data is protected.

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About Active Defence

Here at Vectra, we understand clients face cyber security challenges from compliance requirements to lack of time or skills gaps. Building a cyber-security capability in-house can be complex, expensive or hard to achieve.

With this in mind, Vectra developed Active Defence. We pride ourselves in delivering a service based on high data security standards and industry best practices. This is supported by certified skilled professionals and backed up by one of the most advanced security intelligence platforms, IBM QRadar.
Our security experts have implemented Active Defence for a range of small and large organisations across Australia. Our Security Operations Centre is based in Adelaide, South Australia so your sensitive data is kept on local soil.

Vectra and our team of knowledgeable professionals will take the hassle out to implementing QRadar to ensure your data is protected from potential attacks.

Importantly, Active Defence will also help you stay compliant with a number of regulatory requirements such as ISO27001, CPS234, PCI DSS, etc.

QRadar Management

Using Active Defence, Vectra will implement and manage your ongoing QRadar needs. Our highly skilled security team will develop a unique implementation and management plan for your organisation.

We have summarised the steps of this process below:

  • Capability – looking at current licenses and the size of your current security systems to ensure the optimal license and platform is activated for your organisation
  • Tailoring – once Vectra has discussed what your organisation needs, we will gather all requirements and plan to tailor our Active Defence implementation for your requirements
  • QRadar Implementation – Vectra will deploy QRadar based on the specifications we have discussed with your organisation for optimal security performance. This also includes using IBM recommendations and alternating existing platform architecture to ensure it is customised for your business requirements.
  • QRadar Configuration – during this stage our team of experts will work with you to completely customise QRadar to your security system needs. In doing so, Vectra will ensure all assets are properly recognised by QRadar along with setting parameters for security alerts, breaches and false positives.
  • Ongoing Management – with the cyber security industry changing rapidly, Vectra prides itself on staying on top of the game. Our trained experts will ensure Active Defence continues to work for your needs and the demands of the changing global security environment.

Benefits of Active Defence

At its core, Vectra Active Defence offers a consistent and uniform protection service. With Vectra’s support, your organisation can minimise the time when suspicious activity occurs and when it’s detected to safeguard your important asset.

Importantly, data will be protected whether they’re on-premise, in the cloud, or both.

As a platform Active Defence handles:

  • Insider Threats
  • Securing the cloud
  • User Behaviour
  • Managing Risks and Vulnerabilities
  • Critical Data Protection
  • Incident Response
  • Advanced and Persistent Threats
  • Compliance

It is also a flexible service to protect both small and large organisations.

Vectra can help keep your environment safe and compliant while you focus on your business.

About QRadar

IBM QRadar is a powerful security tool to protect your business data. Here at Vectra, we use it to power our Vectra Active Defence to ensure you’re protected by the best in the business. Click here to continue reading about IBM QRadar.