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Airlock Digital

Application Whitelisting Software

Airlock Digital enables you to easily create and manage secure application whitelists in dynamically changing computing environments. Unlike signature based file blocking (black listing) such as antivirus, Airlock only allows files it has been instructed to trust, to run. Vectra has partnered with Airlock to ensure our clients can achieve ASD essential 8 allignment.

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Airlock Digital

Airlock Digital was created out of necessity, to address the modern security challenges and advanced threats our customers face on a daily basis. Our proactive security solutions deliver forward thinking and proactive security in enterprises around the world.

Airlock Digital is an Australian based company, with offices in Adelaide and Canberra. Airlock is whitelisting standards compliant.

What is Application Whitelisting?

Application Whitelisting is the most effective security strategy to prevent malicious code from running on a computer. It works by allowing the user (or administrator) to create and maintain a list of known ‘good’ files which they trust, only these files can run on the computer while all others are blocked. This proactively prevents unknown threats such as ransomware and malware from loading on a computer.

Contrast Application Whitelisting with traditional Anti-virus solutions which work on a blacklist model and only prevent files from running which have been classified as ‘bad’. This reactive approach allows attackers to modify the files (malicious code) they use to attack organisations to avoid detection.

The Australian Signals Directorate intelligence agency ranks Application Whitelisting as most effective strategy (#1) to prevent Targeted Cyber Intrusions*.

Airlock Deployments

Airlock is provided as an on-premise, or cloud based client-server solution.

Typical Airlock deployments consist of an:

Airlock Enforcement Agent – installed on workstations and servers to provide protection;
Airlock Server – Easy to install, supporting both physical and virtual infrastructure;
Airlock Application Capture (optional) – Installed on a known trusted workstation or server to assist with the maintenance of Application Whitelisting rule sets.

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