Webinar Series Wrap-Up

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, there has been a noticeable shift towards targeting the individual user—usernames and passwords, digital behaviour and even the ability to recognise cleverly disguised malicious links.

That’s why Vectra invited three of our leading partners specialising in user entry points and MFA, decoy technology and socially engineered phishing attacks to cover these more novel forms of threat and protection.

In the first webinar, we heard Haventec CEO David Munsell unpack major issues facing the existing MFA model while shedding light on the technologies that are successfully challenging this decades-old approach with stirring results.

Next, Attivo Networks Regional Director Jim Cook explained why using an active defence framework can significantly change your security eco-system—from faster response times to reducing SOC team workloads to increasing resource allocation—decoy technology is changing the face of threat detection.

To finish the 3-part series, Security Awareness Advocate Jacqueline Jayne of KnowBe4 took us through the psychology of user behaviour that allows phishing emails to be so successful, and why employee training and education is one of the best resources to mitigating this new wave of socially engineered attacks.

With more webinars in our thought leadership series in the pipeline, let us know if there is anything you or your organisation are interested in hearing about.

If you missed out on seeing any of these webinars, you can register below to view the recordings.

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Webinar Recording Registration