Wrap Up & Webinars Q3

Artificial Intelligence Webinar

Artificial Intelligence is still somewhat unfamiliar territory to most people worldwide; however, it’s becoming an integral part of cyber security.

In partnership with IBM, Vectra Corporation hosted the Artificial Intelligence: How We Use It in Cyber Security webinar with Chris Hockings and Kelvin Heath, our Chief Security Officer.

Chris Hockings is the Chief Technology Officer of IBM. Chris’s role is focused on leading client engagement across software and services across the region. Chris is also responsible for developing and then driving the cyber security technology strategy for addressing the global threat, compliance demands and innovation agendas of existing and new clients.

The webinar offered insights on how AI can affect an organisation’s security posture. It also debunked some of the myths idealised by mainstream media and explained the general role of AI and its functions if integrated within security measures.

In case you missed it? We recorded the session, and it is available here

Other points discussed:
● How AI serves its purpose as part of your Cyber Security Strategy.
● What risks come with using AI in security, and at what point it is essential to have analysts involved.
● How to calculate the cost of AI if used within your business and assess if an investment is necessary or not.

After the webinar, participants were given a chance to avail a complimentary 2-hour Zero Trust workshop with IBM. The opportunity was limited and was given to the first three attendees that put their hands up.

If you’re considering using Artificial Intelligence as part of your security strategy or are simply generally interested in AI, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here!