Wrap Up & Webinars Q2

Vectra 20 Years – Thank You

Vectra celebrates 20 Years of Cyber Security Leadership, Innovation and Services this 2021.

It has been a fantastic journey through the past two decades. We still catch up with many former staff members and even have a few who are still working with us celebrating the same milestone!

On behalf of the Vectra team – to all our past, present and future staff, clients, and business partners – thank you for your support and involvement that has enabled Vectra to continue to be successful in helping our clients stay secure.

Data is an organisation’s most valuable asset, and its users are the lifeblood that sustains its operations. Despite their significant functions within the business, many still do not realise the risks at play when these elements are overlooked.

Vectra’s last two webinars focused on data and users. Each of the events featured speakers from the partnerships we have to help our clients implement their security roadmaps.

Ground Labs Webinar

Gone are the days when oil used to be the most valuable resource known to man. In today’s modern age, data has arguably risen to the top place on the list. For this reason, government and regulating bodies require all organisations to be compliant with the imposed laws and policies surrounding data.

However, not all data is regulated.

This is mainly because most organisations do not realise that some of their data is trapped or hidden away in the deep crevices of their systems. This is why we organised a webinar centred on discovering, protecting, and controlling your organisation’s data with Stephen Cavey of Ground Labs.

Stephen Cavey, the Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Ground Labs is a frequent speaker at industry events on topics related to data security, risk mitigation, and cybersecurity trends and futures.

The webinar, which was Undiscovered Data: What It Means to Your Business, discussed the security risks that come with unregulated data and how this could translate to a loss in your business. The event also discussed solutions that detect data within an organisation’s systems, infrastructures, devices, portals, and, of course, where it is stored.

If you were unable to attend this session with Stephen Cavey, here is a chance for you to view it. CLICK HERE

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KnowBe4 Webinar

Our interests and actions are shaped by our personal experiences, beliefs, principles, and intent. What seems good to you may be harmful to the next person; what might be a loss to you could be an opportunity to someone else. It’s this reality that challenges organisations whose primary operations run on human resources.

The users within your organisation are the ultimate make-or-break stage of your security. Unfortunately, sending them off to a security awareness training is not enough to guarantee that your user behaviour will be unproblematic especially considering we all have our respective values and perception of any given situation.

However, organisations always have the option to influence their users’ behaviour somewhat to achieve maximum security and protection through some art and science behind human actions or decisions. For this reason, Vectra launched The Art and Science of Driving Secure Behaviours webinar with KnowBe4’s Perry Carpenter last month.

Perry is a former Gartner analyst whose book Transformational Security Awareness has helped companies worldwide reconstruct and improve their security strategies to exceptional standards. He is currently the Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer of KnowBe4.

In the webinar, we discussed what factors affect user behaviour and how we can use these principles to our advantage.

The session also tackled the following:

  • How to model and design secure behaviours to help shape good security hygiene.
  • Debugging Problem Behaviours.
  • The Fogg Behaviour Model explains how behaviour happens when motivation, ability, and a prompt converge.
  • Perspectives from Marketers & Storytellers to Influence Motivation
  • Designing Power Prompts that help direct a user to observe secure behaviour.

To view the recording, please click here. If you are interested in learning how you can further improve your security through secure behaviours, click here.

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