What’s New Q2

New Privacy Law in New Zealand

New Zealand has heightened its sensitive data and information security policies by implementing Privacy Act 2020 last 1 December 2020, which replaced the Privacy Act of 1993. The new law carries additional privacy obligations and compliance requirements.

The Act requires all organisations to report all critical system breaches, especially if they pose damaging results, referring to a situation wherein data is revealed to any external audience. It is also implementing stricter regulations around Personal Identifiable Information.

PII and the 12 Principles

Personal Identifiable Information, or commonly known as PII, is any information detailing a person’s identity which makes him/her identifiable. Including any of the following:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Personal Identification Numbers
  • Contact Details
  • Medical and Financial details

The Act consists of 12 principles that serve as a guide for organisations in safely transacting, using and storing data. For more information about these principles, click here. 

How to be Compliant

European Union has recognised New Zealand as one of the twelve countries whose data protection practices are deemed sufficient for data to flow between the two parties without further data protection.

Since consumers are rapidly switching from traditional pen-and-paper transactions to everything digital, there is a greater demand for cybersecurity measures among the various industries.

And with any other regulations, there is a list of requirements to meet before compliance. If you’re interested to know how Vectra can assist your business with this or any other cyber security frameworks, click here to speak with a representative.