The year 2020 surprised us with events that limited our capacity to function outdoors thereby causing a shift in our lifestyle. And with most of our daily transactions done online, it is important now more than ever to subscribe to cybersecurity services that protect our sensitive data and information, especially when dealing with our finances.

One of the best ways to ensure protection is through tokenisation.

Tokenisation is an industry-standard required by the PCI DSS for all organisations that accept credit cards. This is also far more secure than encryption because instead of merely covering the data, it keeps sensitive information safe by substituting it with a string of random digits assigned to a credit card number that a vendor of goods provides to their payment gateway.

However, this is not only available during purchase transactions between consumers and sellers. This service can also be applied when merchants transfer from one payment gateway to another.
Transferring includes collecting the Payment Card Numbers from their present gateway and then tokenising them by the new one. Thus, it is crucial for there to be end-to-end support for a smoother and more secure migration.

We are pleased to share that we are now providing a Token Migration Service.

The service supports payment gateways that are popular among merchants in Australia and is in cooperation with global payment gateways located in Europe and USA. Payment gateways from other regions or countries can also be supported through the provision of their API or method of integration.

Our Token Migration Service covers from the regulatory requirements to the actual process to the summary report; therefore, the client is assisted from the beginning until the end of the transfer.

As a result, there is less work and more progress on their end.