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The pandemic has forced us to change the way we do things: from conducting meetings to ordering our favourite meals to paying the bills. Almost everything is now done online.
Advanced cybersecurity software, monitoring browser extensions, tracking systems and applications are readily available in the market these days to safeguard the data we send through written communication platforms such as emails, chat rooms, SMS, and the like. But this does not fully guarantee that whatever information is communicated through these channels is exempted from cybersecurity threats and phishing attacks.

One may also easily resort to phone calls when passing on details, especially when dealing with financial transactions since the medium is deemed safer.
However, there have been recent developments of spying applications that can be used to listen to phone calls remotely and undiscovered. Thus, if you operate a contact centre, you would ideally need to have a solution that handles payments without the need to divulge payment card information.

That is why SecureCo developed its Secure Contact Centre Solutions.

SecureCo Secure Contact Centre Solutions feature a unique payment scheme that ensures your customers’ data is safe and protected when transacting over the phone.
Unlike the traditional ways of sharing card information with the agent, your callers’ sensitive information goes nowhere near the contact centre infrastructure. Instead, SecureCo securely captures the payment information while the agents remain on the phone with your customers.

With such solutions in place, enhanced agent and customer experience is achieved therefore adding credibility to your enterprise. Customers’ concerns and purpose for calling are also thoroughly addressed.

SecureCo also works around different management systems to aid their clients or interested organisations in practical assistance for a smoother transition.

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