From the Desk – Gaps Within Your Internal Skills Set

Gaps Within Your Internal Skills Set

Your organisation may have all of the bells and whistles in place from a solutions perspective but still have gaps with specific skills sets. These skills may be hard to come by or you may not need them on a permanent basis.

In this section, we are focusing on one of Vectra’s Security Consultants who has supported a number of clients onsite.


This particular Security Consultant has been working in the auditing space for twenty-four (24) years and has been with Vectra for the last twelve (12) and a half years.
He has been on placement roles numerous times for clients in various industries such as aviation, telecommunications, insurance, banking, payments service providers gaming, retail, subscription television, shared data centres, and charities.

Recently, though working on-site for a private health insurance provider and was assigned as the Acting Head of Risk and Information Security of the company’s IT Senior Leadership Team. He is responsible for ensuring that adequate security measures are established to protect data and meet the relevant regulatory requirements.

He started working for the client at the end of March 2020–right when COVID-19 cases increased in Australia. Given the circumstance, he had to work and perform in an internal role remotely. He was given his new laptop and login instructions via courier and was then inducted to his position and introduced to new colleagues on Microsoft Teams.
One of the first tasks given to him for his position was to create a three-year Information Risk and Security Strategy and Operational Plan. The project was approved by the Board is now in place and the client is currently halfway through the first year of the rollout.

Support Through Struggles

When asked if there have been struggles working from home with new colleagues, he said he is happy that he is treated just like any other member of the client’s team. Just like starting any other new almost-entirely virtual role, it has its challenges, however, he has been given sufficient support from the rest of the senior leadership team.
He candidly shared that he has only been to the client’s site twice since the placement program started. He also added that the reason the client availed Vectra’s services is because of the latter’s absolute strive to create a cybersecurity environment where organisations grow without having to worry about compromising the sensitive data of their customers.

We try and focus on business-centric services and solutions that offer genuine value for money. We also focus on building long-term and constructive relationships with clients” he said.

If there has been an inconsistency in your IT department or you are also in need of a specific cybersecurity expert to work on-site, let us know HERE