Compliance Portal

In dealing with any transaction involving sensitive information, involved parties are expected to be compliant with the standard policies imposed by their regulatory bodies to ensure that proper supervision and handling are followed and continuously enacted.

The same case is applied to Card Schemes and Acquirers.

Card schemes require Acquirers to have a Merchant Compliance Program to promote PCI DSS awareness, merchant education, and tracking and reporting of compliance.

Vectra works alongside their globally leading vendors to provide clients with the finest fit for best practices and compliance requirements.

The following are the services supported by Vectra:

Web Based

The merchant portal has an intuitive interface to help merchants navigate through the processes in a user friendly manner. The portal allows users to include Acquirer’s logo, web links, documents, and links to PCI DSS compliance tools and services.

Merchants have the access to use the SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) automated system which identifies the correct SAQ for the merchant based on payment processing channels and cardholder data-related questions. After the said process, the user is then assisted through SAQ completion (and is ready for quarterly ASV scanning set up if necessary).

Acquirer Portal

There is a different look and interface for Bank and Acquirer providing them with the capacity to track all merchants under management and their PCI DSS compliance status. Bank representatives can also generate portal data-based reports.

PCI DSS Service Desk

Those using this service also seek assistance from the Australian PCI DSS Service Desk which is supported by QSAs during business hours.

Breach Prevention

Breach detection and prevention services are also available to access.

Complimentary Services

  • Cardholder data discovery
  • Penetration Testing
  • PCI DSS compliance managed services
  • Remediation guidance

For more information and assistance on Merchant Compliance Program solutions, CLICK HERE.