Governance Risk & Compliance Management

Automate the management and reporting of controls and risks against objectives

“Governance Risk & Compliance Management can be defined as the automation of management, measurement, remediation and reporting of controls and risks against objectives, in accordance with rules, regulations, standards, policies and business decisions” – Gartner

The ability to manage and monitor the tasks and resources for compliance to industry standards such as the Australian Privacy Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), APCA, and NSQHS can be significant, costly and ineffective without a framework that integrates policies, procedures and controls. With our lengthy history of assisting organisations with standards compliance, Vectra has developed an Australian based Governance Risk & Compliance framework to optimise, centralise and reduces costs associated with compliance management.

In a matter of weeks the Vectra GRC framework:

  • Establishes an automated framework to assign, manage and monitor the required tasks to report compliance activities across multiple business units
  • Allows senior management to understand and have visibility of the status of compliance obligations
  • Provides a means to securely store and retrieve artifacts confirming compliance
  • Maps input for one standard across multiple standards
  • Identifies compliance gaps to develop a risk based approach for corrective measures
  • Facilitates annual, internal or periodic external audits
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