Why Choose Vectra for your CISP requirements?

Vectra Corporation is a South Australian based ICT Support, Managed Services, and Security Solution Company. We have access to a broad range of high-level technical, project management and development skills. DECD Curriculum Infrastructure Support for Schools and Pre-Schools (CISP) services are delivered to your schools and preschools remotely ensuring rapid response to issues when they arise, giving you peace of mind that your curriculum infrastructure is operating at its optimum.

Vectra are equipped to deliver high level Information Technology Services to SA DECD schools and preschools regardless of their size. We deliver support services through a state of the art Service Desk and Network Operations Centre (NOC) that are staffed and based in Adelaide.

Vectra is proud of the services it provides to schools and preschools. Services include onsite and remote support, project services that include design, implementation and roll-out of hardware, software and network installations.

Our solutions include monitoring, alerting, remote support and reporting of schools’ curriculum IT infrastructure. The continual monitoring of areas such as disk space, device memory, processor performance and service availability coupled with a responsive client Service Desk will provide benefits to all schools and preschools.

The information gathered through these services will help schools understand how their IT environment is performing and highlights any potential issues with network system or individual computing devices. The service also identifies trends allowing schools to proactively plan for new infrastructure and system changes. Addressing trends minimizes downtime and slow performance that can otherwise result in lost teaching time and service availability.

Other services which are available to your school can include Virtual Desktop design and implementation, Server Virtualization, Standard Operating Environment (SoE) & Printer Management.