Backup / Disaster Recovery

A critical practice for all organisations to assist with data loss prevention and recovery

A reliable backup strategy is very important. A well-documented Disaster Recovery Plan is even more important. Vectra can assist with the design and implementation of your daily backup schedule a well as document your companies Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) The DRP lists the steps involved in recovering your companies data and systems in the event of a fire, theft, system failure or other catastrophic event causing availability restrictions for your users.

Vectra Corporation value our customers and also value the solutions we deliver. We have researched solutions in the market to find a robust solution to scales for all business. We also consider the security aspects of our solutions to comply with Vectra Corporation Security side of the business.

Vectra provide a Hosted Backup Service that;

  • Eliminates removable media, e.g. Tapes
  • Centralised management for both onsite and offsite
  • Disaster Recovery abilities built in
  • Granular files, Email, Calenders, Contacts and databases
  • Replication Data Pre Checking

This ability allows for the Vectra Engineering team to easily monitor alerts and provide a quick recovery of files and systems without needing to be onsite.

Also provides the ability for Disaster Recovery with integration with Vmware and Hyper –V as well as Bare Metal Recovery.

Replication can be set as all or selected data to the Datacenter and even have offsite vaulting for archiving purposes.

The replication uses any internet connection, and pre checks for known data before replicating, this reduces the amount of data needing to be sent. Also can control speed of replication based on auto detection of your internet speed. This always for data to flow during the day and not impact the business and speed up after hours.

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