Cyber Security Assurance Specialists
Vectra Corporation is a specialist cyber security company providing cyber security consulting services, managed security services and security solutions throughout Asia Pacific since 2001.

Governance, Compliance & Reporting

Organisations are faced with an ever increasing number of daily cyber security and internal threats, loss or misuse of confidential information and the failure to meet the continuously evolving industry standards around digital compliance and digital payments. Protect your organisation from potential legal action should something untoward happen and become compliant today.

Cyber Security & Managed Services

Defend your organisation from internal and external attacks or issues with a cyber security solution or managed service. The growing or daily demands of your business may leave you with a lack of or inadequately skilled resources, making an external solution a great alternative to keep things running smoothly.

Design & Implementation

New or replacement hardware and software may be required as your organisation grows or there becomes an operational need to fulfill. This process can be extensive and mistakes can be made without the right knowledge. With years of experience and relationships with leading hardware and software suppliers, we can help you find the right solution for your business.

Monitor, Respond & Recover

Give your organisation the peace of mind that in the event of a security breach or system failure, sensitive data and documents are protected. In the modern era, digital assets are one of the most important parts of any organisation. Remote alert monitoring and quick offsite recovery gives you an extra layer of protection so that should an unforeseen event occur, nothing will be lost.

Through strong partnerships with leading IT Security solutions and technology companies, Vectra Corporation can design, implement and support cost effective security solutions to meet your organisations needs.

Vectra Active Defence

Powered by IBM QRadar SIEM

The IBM QRadar SIEM solution provides the ability to detect abnormalities and network security issues through powerful mechanism based on a set of rules for analysing event security risks and real-time data flows.

Gain comprehensive visibility into enterprise data across on-premises and cloud-based environments from behind a single pane of glass.

IBM QRadar allows organisations to deploy a highly scalable platform to reduce thousands of security events into a manageable list of suspected offenses. Gain visibility to security events with unified log management and perform advanced user behavior analytics to help detect insider threats.

Vectra’s Active Defence Security Information and Event Management service is flexible enough to protect small to large organisations with the same enterprise solution regardless of whether their assets are on-premise, in the cloud, or both, at an affordable price.

With a proven background in payments and transactional services, we provide security, risk and compliance services to a number of organisations in different industries that are concerned about security and management of sensitive data.



Health Care




Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

Established in 2008, Avner’s Foundation is the only charity in Australia exclusively dedicated to Pancreatic Cancer.

Compared with other cancers, Pancreatic Cancer has the worst survival rate of all. Over 3,200 Australian’s will be diagnosed with the disease this year, and only 8% of these people will survive 5 years, most will die within a few months of diagnosis.

Recognising that medical research is the only way to significantly improve outcomes, Avner’s Foundation will have dedicated $5.9m toward research into the disease by the end of 2017.

We are delighted to support the Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and its goal to double survival rates by 2020.

Vectra Corporation is a proud supporter of the Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.
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