The Leader in Cyber Security Services

Vectra is an Australian leader in the provision of security consulting, risk management, compliance and managed services.

SIEM made easy
Vectra Active Defence powered by IBM QRadar

Detect abnormalities and network security issues to defend your organisation against security threats. Automate the process through powerful mechanism based on a set of rules for analysing event security risks and real-time data flows.

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BWise Compliance Suite

Streamline compliance
We've got solutions designed to optimise your regulatory compliance program

Automate your IT Governance Platforms and Protect Your Business. Our tools enables your cybersecurity taskforce to simplify and manage digital risk and compliance across the enterprise and extended vendor network.

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Secure Sensitive Data
Don't let your organisation become the next data breach headline

Vectra's sensitive data discovery tool will find, identify, monitor and remediate sensitive personal data that is stored on-premise such as on servers, databases, workstations and in the cloud.

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Secure Sensitive Data
Vectra designs, implements and supports effective security solutions to reduce risk.