Qualys Security Scanning Services

Vectra is a leading APAC partner with Qualys. This relationship offers clients the ability to use comprehensive Security Scanning services including Cloud Agents to protect your network in real time. Vulnerability Management Compliance, Network Security, Continuous Monitoring Asset Detection and Threat Protection are key elements of this Global Security service.

Vectra has many years of experience working with Security Scanning services covering the APAC region. The trained Vectra staff offer valuable assistance, having worked with large and small organisations. Included in the Vectra Security Scanning services team are ex Qualys staff who can assist you with your every need.

The Security Operations Centre is manned by experienced and trained engineers who can assist with implementation to a fully managed 24/7 service. Our Security Operations Centre is locked into the global 24/7 Zero Day service operated out of the USA. Key aspects of Continuous Monitoring plus Threat detection are key aspects to deliver a strong security platform.

To ensure that you can comprehend the Qualys Security Scanning services platform, Vectra and Qualys now offer clients a free trial of the Security Scanning services.

Trial our security vulnerability scanning platform free of charge!
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