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About Vectra

Vectra Corporation is equipped to deliver a high level of information technology service to businesses, regardless of their size. For large organisations both in the private and public sector, we deliver project based services including the design, implementation and rollout of hardware, software, network, Internet and Intranet solutions, configured specifically to the requirements of our client's business.

Vectra Corporation is managed by a team with business experience in the technology industry tested in the field for over sixteen years, in areas including business solutions, software development, network design, services and training. Vectra Corporation continues to benefit from this experience and the wealth of industry knowledge and contacts that have been developed over this period.

A measure of our commitment to delivering quality solutions to our customers is our investment in partnerships with the most successful organisations in the global technology industry including IBM, HP and Microsoft.

The company currently has over fifty full-time employees working from its Adelaide branch. Product and solution roll-outs for national clients are managed from Adelaide, support being provided through our interstate branches and partners. Vectra Corporation has a team of software, hardware and network support personnel.

To compliment this team we have Project Managers who work with our customers to ensure the timely delivery and rollout of product and solutions. We also have other divisions within the group which provide the additional resources required to allow us to out-source specific projects and overflow work. This enables us to offer our regular clients fast response times, minimising any disruption to their business operation.

Vectra Corporation's goal is to deliver technology solutions with stringent project management methodology, assisting organizations to achieve business goals by maximising the benefit of their technology investment.

Not all companies have the budgets or the desire to fund or allocate dedicated technology staff and choose to rely on external support from companies such as Vectra Corporation. We understand you may not only need support in critical situations but may also require assistance with the planning, implementation, support and training related to new technology.

To view Vectra Coporation's company policy please click here.

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